Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day one pics...

Day one!

Happy 1st June everyone! coming to the end of the day, pain levels have not been to bad today. Have been about an 8/10 which is good for me! Still been sore but bareable. Been out for a meal tonight with the inlaws and had a lot of pain whilst eating as arm has been sore, due to the cutlery being heavy to hold on my arm etch! Managed to cut my own food up which is good, as very often when eating have to get either my mum, dad or sister or my fiancé to cut my food up for me!

Have attached some pics of arm tonight, will see if there's any change or difference over the 30 Days!

Off to watch some tele with the fiancé before bed as I'm absolutely shattered tonight!

Check in tomorrow but for now, sweet dreams and gentle hugs to all!

Evie x